Exploring the connection between food and culture

Meaningful Foods: Wine

Today when you see alcohol commercials on TV, the main images they show are people having a good time, relaxing and being social. But some alcohol’s have different connotations tied to them. Wine is perceived as more of a “high end” alcohol than beer or vodka. This is, in part because of the history ofContinue reading “Meaningful Foods: Wine”

Trick-or-Treat!: Food Traditions Surrounding Halloween and Samhain

Halloween brings back memories of excitement about Trick-or-Treating and dressing up as the scariest thing I could think of that year and seeing the costumes of my friends. How, as we got older, we would ride our bikes to different subdivisions that had “the good candy” and playing pranks on my friends to scare them.Continue reading “Trick-or-Treat!: Food Traditions Surrounding Halloween and Samhain”

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